Offering HR trainings to make it easier for you to concentrate on running your business.

Behavioral Interviewing & Selection

Behavioral Interviewing and Selection creates the skills needed for the selection process and making the best hire.

Coaching & Corrective Actions

Coaching and corrective actions will help you understand and execute best practices for being fair and just, as you administer discipline and address difficult topics.

Customer Service

Training designed to teach positive interactions to create lifelong customers and increase business profitability.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Identify and understand diversity, while learning how to move from a diverse workforce to one of inclusion that is equal for all.

Ethics & Business Conduct

Managers must possess and exercise work ethics. Ethics and Business Conduct will help guide every decision, interaction and step to take.

Harassment Prevention

Required to be taken every two years for businesses with 5+ employees.

HR: Back to Basics

HR: Back to Basics will help your management team add to their human resources toolbox as it relates to their supervisory role.

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence & Effective Communication

This course teaches how to create a legacy that will be one that lasts by inspiring employees to demonstrate positive characteristics.

Managing Difficult Employees & Employee Engagement

Designed to help lower risk of turnover, boost customer satisfaction and increase your company’s overall chance of success.

Professionalism & Gossip

Provides a baseline of what professionalism looks like and how gossip negatively impacts the workplace.

Teamwork & Conflict Resolutions

Helping create healthy and productive teams with minimal conflicts.

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